A new book shares the experiences of those deported, after decades of living in Ohio

By Kendall Crawford


A new book, “Broken Hope: Deportation and the Road Home”, hopes to shed light on what happens to people like Keita after they leave the state. Ohio Immigrant Alliance director Lynn Tramonte, co-authored the book with Suma Setty, a policy analyst with the Center for Law and Social Policy. Together, they collected stories of over 100 Ohioans, like Keita, to understand the social and economic impact of deportation.

“One of the main messages we were hearing from [deported] people was that we want to be seen and heard. We feel invisible. We feel like nobody cares about us,” said Tramonte.

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Source URL: https://www.ideastream.org/2024-04-24/a-new-book-shares-the-experiences-of-those-deported-after-decades-of-living-in-ohio?emci=ea12e141-bf08-ef11-96f3-7c1e521b07f9&emdi=c529d6ab-bf08-ef11-96f3-7c1e521b07f9&ceid=2846927