Online Engagement Series: Divest to Save Black Lives. Invest to Heal Communities

CLASP is hosting a series of virtual conversations on healing-centered liberation policy. Healing-centered liberation policy advances a radical, imaginative approach to reparations that isn’t static and transactional, considering a host of systematic policies that have economically persecuted and disenfranchised Black Americans, from the transatlantic slave trade to mass incarceration. This framework requires us to follow the lead of activists in communities who’ve been doing the work of organizing and building community-led infrastructure to dismantle the police state and create thriving Black and Brown communities.

Upcoming Events:

Stay tuned for more upcoming events to be posted soon.


Past Events:

Watch: Criminalization to Healing: Reimagining Safety in Schools

Watch: Criminalization to Healing: The Movement to Decriminalize Education Confirmation

Watch: Divest to Save Black Lives. Invest to Heal Communities: Advancing a New Vision for Justice

Watch: Divest to Save Black Lives. Invest to Heal Communities: Centering Impacted Voices to Reimagine a New Vision of Justice

Watch: A Conversation about Healing Justice with Cara Page

Watch: Protest, Movement Building, and Mental Health: A Conversation with Young Leaders