Implementing the CCDBG Reauthorization

A Guide for States

By CLASP and National Women’s Law Center 

In November 2014, with broad bipartisan support, Congress reauthorized CCDBG (the major federal child care program) for the first time since 1996. The new law strengthens CCDBG’s dual role as a major early childhood education program and a work support for low-income families.

This implementation guide is designed to help policymak­ers and advocates gain a better understanding of what is entailed in fully implementing the law. It summarizes and analyzes key sections of the reauthorization, offering recommendations and areas of caution for states. It also includes a detailed chart compar­ing specific provisions of the new law with those of the previous law, an implementation timeline, a checklist indicating state compliance with select provisions of the law, a summary of the law, and state-by-state information on CCDBG funding and children served.

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Inside the Guide 

  • Consumer Education
  • Enforcement of Licensing and Other Regulatory Requirements
  • Establishment and Enforcement of Health and Safety Requirements
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Activities to Improve the Quality of Child Care
  • Early Learning and Development Guidelines
  • Professional Development and Training Requirements
Family-Friendly Policies

  • Meeting the Needs of Certain Populations, Priority Populations, and Parental Choice
  • Eligibility Determination, Redetermination, and Protection of Working Parents
  • Family Copayment Policies
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