Unjustice: Overcoming Trump’s Rollbacks on Youth Justice Facebook Live

On November 27, 2018, CLASP hosted a live event called Unjustice: Overcoming Trump’s Rollbacks on Youth Justice. The event was streamed live on CLASP’s Facebook Page




During the event, we discussed our new report explaining how the Trump Administration’s “law-and-order” framework dehumanizes youth of color and threatens their safety. We also highlighted strategies that young people, community advocates, and policymakers can use to advance an anti-incarceration, investment agenda that can truly lead to youth justice. The event featured leading activists, experts in the field, and young people including:

  • Jamira Burley, Activist and Senior Fellow, Community Justice Reform Coalition.
  • Marcy Mistrett, Chief Executive Officer, Campaign for Youth Justice
  • Carlil Pittman, Co-founder, Good Kids Mad City.
  • Jonathan Smith, Executive Director, Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs.  
  • Moderator: Kisha Bird, Director of Youth Policy, CLASP. 

Remarks were delivered by:  

The Trump Administration is working to decrease federal oversight of police, endorse regressive punishment and sentencing, divest in effective interventions, and promote a cycle of incarceration. This is wreaking havoc on communities of color. Advocates and policymakers must be intentional about working to abolish racially biased policies and constructing a new vision of justice for youth.

CLASP seeks to dismantle structural barriers for youth of color through policy strategies and investments around employment, education, and health and mental health. 

This event is a part of CLASP’s Realizing Youth Justice portfolio and our commitment to racial and economic justice.