Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014

Final Rule

Reauthorization and Implementation Resources

On November 19, 2014, with broad bipartisan support, Congress reauthorized CCDBG, the major federal child care program, for the first time since 1996. The new law strengthens CCDBG’s dual role as both a major early childhood education program and a work support for low-income families. Key provisions in the new law support the following goals:

  • Protecting the health and safety of children in care through more consistent standards and monitoring of standards.
  • Improving the quality of care, including through increased supports for child care providers.
  • Enabling families to more easily access child care assistance that supports stable and continuous care and that can be coordinated with other programs.

CLASP/NWLC CCDBG Implementation Guide

  • Implementing the Child Care and Development Block Grant Reauthorization: A Guide for States. This guide, written jointly by CLASP and the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), is designed to help policymak­ers and advocates gain a better understanding of what is entailed in fully implementing the law. It summarizes and analyzes key sections of the law, offering recommendations and cautions for states. It also includes a detailed chart compar­ing specific provisions of the new law with those of the previous law, an implementation timeline, a checklist indicating state compliance with select provisions of the law, a summary of the law, and state-by-state information on CCDBG funding and children served.
  • Implementing the Child Care and Development Block Grant Reauthorization: State by State Fact Sheets. This series of fact sheets from CLASP and NWLC summarize state-specific information related to CCDBG’s requirements in each state as outlined in the implementation guide.
  • Webinar: Implementing the Child Care and Development Block Grant Reauthorization. Provides a broad overview of CCDBG reauthorization opportunities; discusses the context for CCDBG reauthorization in states; and offers ideas and strategies to get started planning for CCDBG implementation.
  • This document provides questions and answers to CCDBG reauthorization questions received on the April 15th webinar.
  • Webinar: How the New CCDBG Law Could Impact Low Wage Workers. This webinar, co-hosted by NWLC and CLASP, covers critical information about the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) reauthorization law currently being implemented by states, looking closely at provisions of the new CCDBG law that most impact low-wage workers.

Additional Resources

CLASP Resources on CCDBG reauthorization and related topics:

Find more CLASP publications and resources on child care subsidies here.

Additional Resources

CLASP is available to provide technical assistance on CCDBG to policymakers and advocates. Please contact Hannah Matthews or Christine Johnson-Staub.