The State of the Unions in 2023: New Data Show Corporate Greed Continues to Overpower Good Jobs for Working People

By Nicolas Martinez and Lulit Shewan

2 min read.

CLASP published a thread on Twitter/X yesterday to highlight the release of a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report with data on union membership in 2023. The report showed that while the number of workers in a union increased last year, the proportion of workers in a union relative to the total number of jobs fell slightly. In 2023, the United States gained nearly 200,000 unionized jobs—a testament to the enduring strength and growing influence of the labor movement.

However, the United States’ outdated labor laws favor corporate greed over workers’ rights. Companies have used tactics such as mandatory anti-union meetings; employee isolation and coercion; incentivizing union opposition; and more to discourage union growth. Despite the surge in union support, these tactics – along with job growth in non-unionized sectors – have fueled the slight decline in labor union density in 2023.

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Despite these challenges, the labor movement remains strong—as evidenced by the successful UAW strike—and determined to fight for workers’ rights. 2023’s increase in union activity shows a commitment by unions and their members, along with allies from many sectors, to create a fair and just workplace for all.