Thanks to My Fearless Immigrant Mother, I’ll Be My Family’s First College Graduate 

By Ariana Ramirez:

My name is Ariana Ramirez, and I’m a proud daughter of an immigrant. I was lucky and blessed to be born in America, but I am proud of my culture as a Mexican-American. It is thanks to my mom’s sacrifices in life that I have so many opportunities in this world. I get to accomplish all my dreams.  

I was fortunate to be blessed with the best of both worlds. When I was one year old my mother took me to Mexico so my family could take care of me, while my mom worked extremely hard in order to provide for me. I grew up in Mexico for the next four years of my life and returned to America when I was five years old. My mother and sister spent all their time trying to help me adapt to school, as I was trying to learn the language and catch up in school.  

It makes me so upset to hear Hispanics and immigrants being called, “murderers, rapists, thieves, criminals, etc.” My mom is far from being these things people call them. My mother is a strong, fearless woman who never gave up regardless of everyone going against her. She has always made difficult decisions for the betterment of her daughters. This woman has always been there for me. She has been both a mother and a father to me. When I was sick, she was always there. Any sports, or school events, she was there. She has been my biggest supporter in life.  

I can’t thank my mom enough for all she did and continues to do. She has worked multiple jobs yet still makes time to be there for me. Not only is she a great mother to me but also to my sister who became a teen mom. My mom, apart from working two jobs day and night, babysat my niece while my sister finished high school. This woman is not a criminal, she is a human being with a heart so big and pure that she wanted a better life for her two daughters and grandchildren. It is thanks to all her hardships and sacrifices that I can stand here and achieve everything I’ve always dreamed of.  

I’m in college now studying to become a teacher and give back to families, students, and communities. I have one more semester left in college before I become the first in my family to graduate college. This moment in my life will be so memorable because these are not just my achievements but my mother’s as well. Due to circumstances, she no longer resides in America, so I have had to navigate around life and become independent. I’m usually only able to see her once a year. I really would love to have my mother there for the special day when I graduate, when I will make her the proudest while looking into her eyes and telling her, “Mom, we did it.”