Resilience and Resistance: Responding to the Moment of Now, Building Safe and Hopeful Communities

By Kisha Bird

I had the honor and privilege on August 22nd to speak at the 6th Annual Cities United Convening in Hampton, VA. Launched in 2011, Cities United is a national movement focused on eliminating the violence in American cities related to African American men and boys. This year’s convening drew some 250 city leaders, mayors, advocates, and young people from across the country under the theme “Reflect. Renew. Respond,” as we marked the pivotal historic event in 1619 that shaped the very fabric of this country and remembered the first Africans that were brought to these shores and sold as slaves in Virginia.  I was asked to provide remarks on Respond – The Journey Continues: Each generation responds to tradition and transitions by creating new tools for building safe, health, hopeful communities.

My full remarks can be found here.