Celebrating Intersecting Identities: Ricardo Chavez (pronouns: any)

CLASP’s Young Adult Engagement Strategy (YAES) intentionally consults with young leaders who are experts in their respective policy fields, centering their voices in our national policy agenda and working toward narrative change. To celebrate young people and their work, we interviewed some of our youth and young adult partners. We’re posting these interviews during June’s observance of Pride Month, which uplifts and celebrates LGBTQ+ folks, and Immigrant Heritage Month, which celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of immigrants and their children in shaping the history, strengthening the economy, and enriching the culture of the United States. We asked young adult partners to share what intersectionality means to them, what’s missing from the policy conversations, and what they’re doing to celebrate Pride and Immigrant Heritage Months during these uncertain times.

Ricardo Chavez (pronouns: any) is the programs director at Dream Action Oklahoma. Ricky and CLASP’s Whitney Bunts (pronouns: she/her/hers) discuss how they’re embracing all aspects of their identities, the importance of vulnerability and learning alongside your community, and the need for solidarity during Pride.

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