Don’t Take Away Health Insurance from Infants, Toddlers, and Parents

By Stephanie Schmit

A new brief from CLASP and ZERO TO THREE highlights the importance of health insurance to infants, toddlers, and their families as well as historic gains in coverage made under the Affordable Care Act.

Health care is foundational to children’s healthy development and wellbeing. Infants and toddlers need medical care to support their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Parents’ health is also critical to children’s wellbeing, as parents need to be healthy in order to support their children as they learn and grow. More effective parenting is possible when parents get treatment for physical and mental health needs. Unfortunately, Congress is considering proposals that would significantly reduce health coverage and change the structure of Medicaid. This would have devastating consequences for infants, toddlers, and their families.

According to the brief, Health Insurance: A Critical Support for Infants, Toddlers, and their Families, children with insurance are generally healthier and more likely to receive preventive care as well as necessary treatment when sick or injured. Children also benefit when parents have access to health care to ensure their own physical and emotional wellbeing.

As Congress threatens to reduce access to health insurance and restructure Medicaid, it’s more important than ever to preserve historic gains in coverage. If enacted, Republican proposals would severely undermine parents’ wellbeing and children’s health, school readiness, and future success. The consequences of this would be dire and far-reaching.

To learn more about the important role of health insurance for infants, toddlers, and their families, read Health Insurance: A Critical Support for Infants, Toddlers, and their Families. This is part of CLASP’s and ZERO TO THREE’s joint project which focuses on the essential policies needed to support infants, toddlers, and their families.