Communities Collaborating to Reconnect Youth (CCRY)

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The Communities Collaborating to Reconnect Youth Network (CCRY) is a national learning community of leaders working across systems to help young people reconnect to education and career pathways. Originally comprising 15 members of the Department of Labor’s Youth Opportunity Movement, the CCRY Network has grown to almost 20 communities. CLASP serves as a policy resource for CCRY members; in turn, the members’ local and state knowledge and experience inform federal policy solutions and the CLASP youth advocacy agenda.

Since 2006, CLASP has partnered with FHI 360 to facilitate semiannual convenings designed for CCRY communities to learn from each other. These events include policy updates and a range of discussion sessions planned in consultation with the membership. Spring meetings in Washington, DC incorporate feedback with federal agency and congressional staff; fall meetings held in host communities highlight our members’ work. Participants represent city agencies and workforce development boards, as well as young leaders from Opportunity Youth United, mirroring CCRY’s goal of encouraging collaboration across systems.

It’s hard during the busy day to get the federal perspective and keep track of the folks driving those decisions. This group helps me learn that, and that results in my ability to be more strategic.
– CCRY member

Current CCRY member communities

Albany, NY Kansas City, MO Philadelphia, PA
Atlanta, GA Los Angeles, CA Pittsburgh, PA
Baltimore, MD Louisville, KY Seattle, WA
Boston, MA Nashville, TN Southeast Arkansas
Denver, CO New Orleans, LA St. Louis, MO
Hartford, CT Orlando, FL Tacoma, WA

Materials and resources from recent CCRY Network meetings

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