CLASP: 50 years of impact.

50 years is just the beginning.

Join the celebration of CLASP’s 50th anniversary! Since 1969, we’ve been at the forefront of social policy change. Now we’re laying out a bold vision for the next 50 years while celebrating what we’ve achieved over five decades.
Today, people with low incomes face greater threats than ever before. President Trump’s proposals endanger the core federal programs that help people meet basic needs and access opportunity. They also threaten the safety and economic security of immigrants and their families and people of color more broadly.

Through our advocacy, we’ve helped millions of people access paid sick days, child care assistance, health care, and education and training that leads to good jobs. And we’re going to keep working every day to protect and build on progress for people who are economically vulnerable.

As we push forward into our next half-century, CLASP will fight systemic racism, promote health and economic security for people with low incomes, and implement a vision of America where everyone has opportunity.

And that’s where you come in. We need partners who share our vision of a just, inclusive country.

Fifty years is just the beginning. Together, we will create a better America.