Career Opportunities

The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization advancing policy solutions for low-income people.

For nearly 50 years, our deeply knowledgeable staff has lifted up the voices of low-income children, families, and individuals; equipped advocates and organizers with policy ideas that work; built coalitions and partnerships to advance a bold vision; and helped public officials put good ideas into practice.

CLASP is currently accepting applications for the following positions.

Deputy Executive Director | External Affairs and Strategic Communications

CLASP seeks a deputy executive director for external affairs and strategic communications to build our outreach capacity around key goals. This includes reaching new audiences, translating credible materials into more accessible formats, and improving our ability to target national, state, and local audiences.

Senior Policy Analyst/Project Director | Mental and Behaviorial Health

CLASP is seeking a senior policy analyst/project director to lead our newly expanded focus on improving mental and behavioral health services for low-income people. The successful candidate will manage a new multi-year initiative to help select states strengthen and/or transform their Medicaid, mental health, and human services policies to promote high-quality mental health prevention and treatment services for low-income families as well as youth/young adults.

Senior Policy Analyst/Attorney | Income and Work Supports

CLASP seeks a senior policy analyst/attorney to strengthen our work in two critical areas that affect low-income people (particularly immigrants and people of color). The senior policy analyst/attorney will provide additional capacity on immigration and economic justice policy, including access to public benefits, as well as strengthen our ability to partner with peer groups that use litigation to defend low-income people against executive branch actions.

Policy Analyst/Senior Policy Analyst/Attorney | Job Quality

CLASP seeks a policy analyst or senior policy analyst/attorney for our job quality team to advocate at the national, state, and local levels on behalf of low-wage workers. The successful candidate will develop significant understanding of job quality issues and policies, including the legislative and regulatory frameworks, the implementation choices facing states and localities, enforcement practices, possible threats, and opportunities to improve policy.