The Promise and Challenge of Evidence-Based Policy and Practice

July 06, 2011 | EVENT RESOURCES

On July 6, 2011, CLASP hosted the forum, The Promise and Challenge of Evidence-Based Policy and Practice.  The discussion explored the different types of evidence policymakers and practitioners have available to them, including theoretical research; administrative or management data; impact studies, such as randomized controlled trials and quasi-experimental designs; and implementation studies. Speakers also examined which types of evidence best informs differing policy and practice choices. Read more for CLASP's summary of the lessons learned>>

The forum was the final event in CLASP's 40th anniversary policy series, Policy and Promise for Low-Income People in America.

Event Participants:

  • Rutledge Hutson (moderator), Director of Child Welfare Policy at CLASP
  • Gordon Berlin, President of MDRC
  • Lisbeth Schorr, Senior fellow at the Center for the Study of Social Policy and lecturer in Social Medicine at Harvard University

Event Handouts:

Event Video: 



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