Job Schedules and Scheduling Software

May 28, 2015

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One way that employers enhance profitability is by cutting unnecessary costs. To keep workforce costs as low as possible, employers often deploy scheduling software to achieve "workforce optimization," scheduling labor according to projected demand. Unfortunately, some employers, fueled in part by the design of certain workforce management software products, employ workforce optimization techniques that generate erratic and unpredictable schedules for their workers. Software can optimize scheduling and also take into account the need of employees. On this call, learn about the prevalence of scheduling optimization and why one management company promotes “collaborative scheduling” that fosters an employer – employee dialogue around scheduling; and, how a high road company deploys scheduling software to ensure staff meets consumer demand without forgetting that employees are what makes the business thrive. 

Susan Lambert, University of Chicago
JD Miller, Workplace Systems
Shawna Sharie, Blue Bottle

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