Executive Director

December 12, 2012

CLASP's mission is to improve the lives of low-income people by developing and advocating for federal, state and local policies to strengthen families and create pathways to education and work.  Our vision is an America where children grow up safe, healthy, nurtured, and prepared to succeed; where young people and adults have the skills and supports they need to fulfill their potential and to contribute to society and the economy; where jobs provide decent wages and family friendly policies; where poverty is rare; where there is justice for all; and where all people can participate equally and their communities can prosper.  Through careful research and analysis and effective advocacy, CLASP develops and promotes new ideas, mobilizes others, and directly assists governments and advocates to put in place successful strategies that deliver results that matter to people across America.  We are nonpartisan and situated at the intersection of local practice, national research, and state and federal policy, and striving to translate each world to each other. 
Position Summary
After 32 years, CLASP's current Executive Director, Alan Houseman, will retire in 2013.  This is an exciting and important opportunity for CLASP to reflect on its successful history and identify an individual with the vision, experience, and passion to lead our next chapter.  Our ideal candidate brings significant leadership experience and a proven ability to develop and execute a strategic vision for an organization or cause.  S/he is a skilled communicator with demonstrated experience serving as a public spokesperson and building relationships with diverse stakeholders.  The successful candidate will be highly effective at attracting, developing and managing talented staff to achieve their full potential.  The Executive Director will play a significant role in diversifying and expanding CLASP's funding sources; therefore, previous fundraising experience is essential. 
Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Strategic Leadership and Vision: Develop, articulate, and execute CLASP's strategic vision
  • Public Awareness: Serve as a public spokesperson for CLASP and increase awareness of its mission to various audiences, including Congress, the Administration, foundations, media, and partners
  • Fundraising: Diversify and expand CLASP's funding sources while deepening relationships with existing funders
  • Talent Recruiting and Development: Support the professional development of existing staff and recruit new talent
  • Board engagement: Effectively leverage the Board's expertise and resources and ensure regular and relevant communication

Ideal Qualifications

  • Experience in a senior leadership position with a proven ability to develop, articulate, and execute a vision
  • Demonstrated experience successfully leading a staff, Board, funders, partners, and other key stakeholders
  • Experience serving as a public representative with an ability to build awareness and generate interest in a cause or organization
  • Successful record of initiating relationships with and cultivating diverse funding sources, including individuals, foundations, corporations, and government entities
  • Commitment to CLASP's vision, mission, and values

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