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July 27, 2010

\074!--CTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "\076\074!--Dave, edit below here--\076 \074div style="background: #3a79c1; margin-bottom: 20px;"\076 \074div id="flashcontent"\076\074strong\076You need to upgrade your Flash Player\074/strong\076\074/div\076 \074/div\076 \074p\076 \074script type="text/javascript"\076\074!-- \t\t// \074![CDATA[\t\t \t\tvar so = new SWFObject("/resources_and_publications/maps/ccrynetwork.swf", "ammap", "740", "540", "5", "#3A79C1"); so.addVariable("path", "/resources_and_publications/"); \t\tso.addVariable("data_file", escape("/resources_and_publications/maps/ccrynetwork_data.xml")); so.addVariable("settings_file", escape("/resources_and_publications/maps/ccrynetwork_settings.xml"));\t\t \t\tso.addVariable("preloader_color", "#000000"); so.addParam("wmode", "transparent"); \t\tso.write("flashcontent"); \t\t// ]]\076 // --\076\074/script\076 \074/p\076 \074!-- end of ammap script --\076\074!--\074/div\076 flashmap --\076\074!-- \074div class="list_format"\076--\076 \074p\076CLASP has compiled a \074a href="/admin/site/documents/files/Award-Winning Employers State By State Table.xls"\076state-by-state listing\074/a\076 of firms that have been recognized through national awards for their workplace policies. Those businesses that have been recognized for good business practices may be businesses to prioritize for paid leave campaigns and other initiatives. While few awards explicitly include paid sick days in their criteria, state and local campaigns may want to reach out to these award winners. \074br /\076\074br /\076For CLASP's state-by-state listing, we compiled information from the following award givers for 2005 through 2009:\074/p\076 \074ul\076 \074li\076American Rights at Work: Labor Day List\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076Companies that Care Honor Roll\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076Great Places to Work Institute\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility \074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076Winning Workplaces Top Small Workplaces\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076Working Mother 100 Best Companies\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074/ul\076 \074p\076As you scroll over each state, you can determine:\074/p\076 \074ul\076 \074li\076the name of the business receiving the award\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076the name of the award giver\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076the city in which the company is based\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076the year(s) in which the company received the award\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076and whether the company is local, regional, or national.\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074/ul\076 \074p\076The map is simple to use:\074/p\076 \074ul\076 \074li\076Hover over the state until the pointer changes to a hand\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076Left-click on your mouse on the name of the state\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074li\076A box will appear to the right of the state listing the award information\074br /\076\074/li\076 \074/ul\076 \074p\076The \074a href="/admin/site/documents/files/Award-Winning Employers State By State Table.xls"\076compiled listing \074/a\076of state-by-state firms allows users to sort by state, city, name of business, and award giver.\074/p\076 \074p\076Please note, employers that have received an award but publicly oppose paid sick days will not be included in the map or underlying data table. We invite you to provide additional information about award recipients that may publicly oppose paid sick days.\074/p\076 \074!--Dave, edit above here--\076
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