Pathways to Reconnection

Youth growing up in high poverty or economically distressed communities are disconnecting at alarming rates from the education and labor market mainstream.  This disconnection has persisted for more than a decade in part because systems, policies, funding streams, and even advocacy related to adolescents and young adults are disconnected and wholly inadequate.  CLASP’s work in this area focuses on how federal policy can enhance youth serving systems and funding streams to create the comprehensive supports and delivery infrastructure needed to reconnect youth to positive pathways.

To learn more about the framing of the disconnected youth challenge, view Youth Employment: New Challenges in Knowledge-based Economies.                                     

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Our Youth, Our Economy, Our Future: A Road Map for Investing in the Nation’s Talent Pipeline

This week, the Campaign for Youth released Our Youth, Our Economy, Our Future: A Road Map for Investing in the Nations’ Talent Pipeline, an investment strategy that offers a set of recommendations to help national, state and local public and private stakeholders identify and invest in solutions to help reconnect opportunity youth across the nation. 

Building upon our 2008 recommendations which received the support of over 250 organizations, our 2016 strategy offers six overarching ways to bring these recommendations to reality:

  • Make reconnecting our youth a national priority.
  • Build on the strengths of young people and involve them in finding solutions for their generation.
  • Invest in high-need communities.
  • Create opportunities for work experiences that are relevant to careers and have real world application.
  • Create pathways to financial independence and social mobility.
  • Build state and local capacity to expand effective high-quality, evidence-based programming

Solutions are within reach but require strong public support, public and private investment, an active nonprofit sector, enabling government policies, and the collective knowledge of the youth development field.

Read our Road Map for Investing in the Nation’s Talent Pipeline.

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