In Their Own Words

October 20, 2010

"This may not be how you see me. But this is how I see myself"

In Their Own Words was featured in the short film category at the 2011 San Diego Black Film Festival on Jan. 27.

CLASP surveyed nearly 200 youth from across 13 communities to gain better insight into the unique experiences of young people who have dropped out of high school and reconnected to career and education supports.  We asked them to tell us about themselves, share their aspirations and dreams, and describe what supports were most useful in getting them back on track.  What we learned was truly inspiring. Our in-depth analysis will be released this year.


Want to use this video in your community? Download it here.

As part of this project, we developed the video, In Their Own Words, to capture the sense of hope and transformation of young males of color. There were 79 males of color who participated in the survey, and their responses told a much different story about how they saw themselves and their life circumstances than is typically depicted in mainstream media.

The stories of transformation for the young men depicted in this video are evidence of the ability  to change lives with strategic investments, sound policies and thoughtful programming.

We have also developed a complimentary presentation should you use the video in your work.

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