Campaign for Youth Urges Policymakers to Connect Youth To Training and Jobs in Sandy Relief Package

December 20, 2012

The Campaign for Youth, a national alliance of youth policy organizations and advocates co-chaired by CLASP and the National Youth Employment Coalition, express support for the White House's request for $60.4 billion in Federal resources toward the response, recovery, and mitigation in communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The White House proposal rightfully prioritizes "helping those in greatest need." To this end, we urge policymakers to craft a robust disaster aid package that targets resources for job training and employment to low-income and minority youth and young adults in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy exacerbated the long-term barriers to employment and economic security that many of the impacted communities already faced. Nationwide, just 32% of all people ages 16 to 24 are employed. Among young Africans Americans, only 25% working-age young people are employed and 28% of young Latinos are employed. And in the three states hardest hit by the storm, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, the youth unemployment rate ranges from 28.6% and 30.1%, with higher levels among African American and Latino youth.

As the Administration and Congress continue to develop and implement a relief assistance package we offer the following strategies for creating good jobs for the communities hit hardest by Sandy:

  • Adhere to and expand local hiring provisions for recipients of federal funds
  • Ensure that job training and subsidized employment for low-income youth and young adults is part of the strategy for long-term recovery
  • Actively encourage the participation of local nonprofit community-based organizations, with priority for youth-serving organizations, in delivering training and connecting people to aid and jobs
  • Uphold and enforce labor laws regarding wages and worker health and safety in federally declared disaster zones

Read the full letters sent to the Obama Administration and U.S. Senate Leaders>>> 



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