Benefit Access and Health Care Reform Resources

December 06, 2010

Health care reform has the potential to dramatically change the way low-income individuals and families apply for and receive other benefits, such as nutritional assistance and the earned income tax credit.  Below are some helpful resources to aid in learning about how health care reform will affect low-income individuals and families in terms of benefits access and the opportunities to weigh in on the choices that the federal government and states will be making over the next years.

NEW: Smart Strategies for Health Care Reform and Human Services Integration: Promoting the Health and Well-Being of America’s Low-Income Families - Julie Kashen and Sarah Fass Hiatt, Coalition for Access and Opportunity (July 2013)

ACA Toolkit: Helping Students Understand Health Care Reform and Enroll in Health Insurance - CLASP and Young Invincibles (June 2013). The recorded webinarwebinar slides, FAQs and companion brief are also available. 

Coordinating Human Services Programs with Health Reform Implementation: A Toolkit for State Agencies - January Angeles, Shelby Gonzales, and Alicia Kone, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (June 2012)

Moving to 21st-Century Public Benefits: Emerging Options, Great Promise, and Key Challenges - Stan Dorn, Urban Institute and Elizabeth Lower-Basch, CLASP for the Coalition for Access and Opportunity, (May 2012)

Toolkit: Moving to 21st-Century Public Benefits: A Menu of Options - Sarah Fass Hiatt for the Coalition for Access and Opportunity, (May 2012)

CLASP/Coalition to Promote Access and Opportunity Resources:

Background on Relevant Provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA):

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