New Toolkit on Using Federal Funds for Integrated Service Delivery

Jan 12, 2011

CLASP has just released a new toolkit designed to help state and local policymakers, program operators and advocates identify federal funding streams that can be used to support integrated service delivery.  It focuses on the elements of the Center for Working Families® (CWF) model developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which combines employment and career advancement, income enhancements and work supports, and financial and asset building services. 

A key aspect of the CWF model is that programs bundle and sequence services rather than offering just one component, or offering multiple components but leaving it up to participants to discover and seek out additional services.  The hope is that the services will have a more-than-additive effect in promoting economic security, enabling clients to resolve immediate crises, acquire skills and credentials, get better jobs, and build the savings needed to prevent the next crisis and build for the future.

The toolkit highlights the eligible populations and allowable use of funds, and possible issues that might arise in using these funds to support integrated service delivery.   For each funding source, it includes examples of programs that are currently using these funds.

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