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October 28, 2010

Map: Countries That Require Paid Sick Days
Have you joined millions of Americans this winter in the time-honored sport of projectile vomiting? Research suggests ill food-service workers cause most foodborne illness, but before you blame the guy who mixed your salad, try to keep this down: the United States is one of a handful of countries without federally mandated paid sick days for food service workers, and only a few cities and states require them. Without such laws, sick employees risk losing a day’s pay or even their jobs if they stay home and keep the rest of us healthy. But as support for such mandates swells once more, lawmakers are again mulling over the requirement, though businesses say they can’t stomach the potential costs.
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Seattle’s Paid Sick Time and Paid Safe Time Ordinance
Seattle’s Paid Sick Time and Paid Safe Time Ordinance
The new Seattle Paid Sick Time and Safe Time Ordinance (“Ordinance”) took effect on September 1, 2012, making Seattle the most recent city to require employers to provide time-off to employees. Under this broad Ordinance, employees accrue paid sick time and safe time (“PSST”) pursuant to a schedule based on the number of workers employed. Especially noteworthy about this new Ordinance is that it focuses on where the employee works and not where the employer is located. Thus, many employers outside of Seattle must provide PSST if they have employees performing work in Seattle.
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Community Service Society
The Impact of Paid Sick Days on Jobs: What’s the Real Story?
"The Impact of Paid Sick Days on Jobs: What’s the Real Story?" features highlights of a round table policy discussion recently hosted by CSS. The session examines the economic research on paid sick leave and the actual experience of cities that have already adopted sick days labor standards to inform the debate about paid sick days now going on in New York City. It offers the perspectives of business leaders on both sides of the issue, prominent economists, workers, union leaders, public officials from NYC and San Francisco as well as national policy experts.
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MK Singh Law Office
Social Purpose Corporation, Maximizing Sustainable Business in Washington State Does the Seattle Paid Sick/Safe Time Ordinance Apply to Your Business?
All employers with employees working in Seattle, even those who only work in Seattle occasionally, need to read-up on Seattle’s Paid Sick/Safe Time ordinance (PSST for short). If PSST applies to your business, it establishes minimum standards for paid sick leave and safe time for most of your Seattle employees.
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Community Business Association of Central Florida & the Main Street Alliance
The Small Business Bottom Line on Earned Sick Time: An Analysis of Cost and Benefits of Earned Sick Time for Small Businesses in Orange County
Across the country, states and localities are considering proposals to establish baseline standards for earned sick time. One such proposal is a measure in Orange County, Florida that is slated to go before the voters in November 2012. This measure seeks to ensure that workers in Orange County have the opportunity to earn time off to care for themselves or a sick family member.
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Dignity at Darden
NEW REPORT - Darden's Decision: Which Future for Olive Garden, Red Lobster, & The Capital Grille?
Groundbreaking new report details low-road employment practices of world’s largest restaurant groups.
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Jackson Lewis LLP
Conneticut's Paid Sick Leave Law Questions and Answers
This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information regarding its subject matter. Jackson Lewis LLP makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy or reliability of the information contained in this Report, nor for any interpretation by the reader of the information contained in this Report. The Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Questions and Answers is not intended to be, nor should it be construed as constituting, a substitute for legal advice. If legal advice of other professional assistance is appropriate, the services of a competent professional should be obtained.
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Institute for Women's Policy Research
Recommendations for an Evaluation of the District of Columbia’s Paid Sick Days Law
This briefing paper presents recommendations for the evaluation and report on the Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2008. One provision of the Act, which mandates that employers in the District of Columbia provide paid sick days to some employees, requires the Auditor of the District of Columbia to prepare and submit a report on the Act’s impact.
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City of Philadelphia Guidelines Clarify Paid Sick Leave
With Philadelphia’s Paid Sick Leave Ordinance about to take effect on July 1, 2012, employers may be uncertain about the scope of their obligations. In an effort to clarify some of the issues, the City has issued guidelines on the mandated leave benefit.
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Main Street Alliance
How Your Business Can Benefit from Paid Sick Days
Many business owners know and research confirms that allowing workers to earn paid sick days helps businesses to keep the workplace healthier,reduces turnover and improves productivity.
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Main Street Alliance
Making it on Main Street: An Agenda for America's Small Businesses and Local Economies in 2012 and Beyond
National Small Business Week presents an important opportunity for small business owners, policymakers, and the public to reflect both on the important role small businesses play in our communities and to chart a course forward that takes on the challenges facing small businesses and fosters the right conditions for more small business success stories to unfold across America.
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Roc United
Taking the High Road: A How-to Guide for Successful Restaurant Employers
Employers defined the “high road” as employment practices that support workers and unleash their loyalty, creativity, and productivity to make the restaurant successful. High-road employers emphasized that the benefits of increased productivity of invested long-term workers and the reduced cost of employee turnover outweigh the short-term costs of high-road practices.
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The Connecticut Department of Labor
Guidance from the Connecticut Department of Labor Regarding Public Act 11-52: An Act Mandating Employers Provide Paid Sick Leave to Employees
The following document is intended to serve as guidance for employers and employees in answering questions concerning public act 11-52 – an act mandating employers provide paid sick leave to employees. The Connecticut Department of Labor is providing this guidance in order to assist human resources professionals in Connecticut in their efforts to comply with this new law.
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National Partnership for Women and Families
Paid Sick Days, Good for Business, Good for Workers
Businesses benefit when their employees have access to paid sick days. When sick workers are able to stay home, the spread of disease slows and workplaces are both healthier and more productive. Plus, workers recover faster from illness and obtain timely medical care — enabling them to get back to work sooner and holding down health care costs. Yet nearly two in five private-sector workers — and nearly half of those who work for smaller businesses — lack paid sick days to use to recover from an illness or care for a sick family member.
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Family and Work Institute
Workplace Flexibility and Low-Wage Employees
We define “workplace flexibility” as enabling employees to exercise some measure of control over when, where and how much they work. In addition, flexibility includes opportunities for entry, exit, and re-entry to work over the course of employees’ careers. Finally, by our definition, workplace flexibility must “work” for both the employee and the employer, rather than just one or the other.
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Economic Policy Institute
Paid Sick Days: Measuring the Small Costs for Connecticut Businesses
The Connecticut General Assembly is considering legislation that would require employers to provide paid sick days to employees. Similar legislation has been considered in previous years and has passed in the state’s House of Representatives and Senate in separate sessions.
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CLASP and the center for economic and policy research
The CLASP-CEPR Turnover Calculator
This week, CLASP and CEPR released a dynamic new tool to help businesses calculate the cost of employee turnover. Turnover can cost employers millions, but many don't have any idea how much their business really spends each year from losing employees.
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U.S. Department of labor
National Dialogue on Workplace Flexibility: Challenges and Solutions for Hourly Workers 
This event brought together over 400 employers, employees, advocates, researchers, educators, union leaders and other stakeholders to discuss challenges and solutions for making flexibility work and to share best practices. Jennifer Piallat, owner of Zazie restaurant in San Francisco, spoke to the need for paid sick days.
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Economic Policy Institute
Paid Sick Days: Measuring the small costs for Connecticut businesses
A policy memorandum from the Economic Policy Institute that examines the cost of providing paid sick days to Connecticut employees in a range of industries.
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Internal revenue service
IRS Explanation of Health Care Tax Credits for Small Businesses
The IRS website describing the eligibility rules for small businesses to receive health care tax credits.
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Arindrajit Dube, T. William Lester and Michael Reich
Do Frictions Matter in the Labor Market? Accessions, Separations and Minimum Wage Effects
We measure labor market frictions using a strategy that bridges design-based and structural approaches: estimating an equilibrium search model using reduced-form minimum wage elasticities identified from border discontinuities and fitted with Bayesian
and LIML methods. We begin by providing the first test of U.S. minimum wage effects
on labor market flows and find negative effects on employment flows, but not levels.
Separations and accessions fall among restaurants and teens, especially those with low
tenure. Our estimated parameters of a search model with wage posting and heterogeneous workers and firms imply that frictions help explain minimum wage effects.

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9 to 5 national association of working women colorado
Paid Sick Days Informational Guide for Small Business Owners
A brochure explaining the facts and debunking myths of paid sick days to small business owners.
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Calculating Paid Sick Days
A website to help businesses understand the costs of paid sick days.
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New York State Paid Family Leave Coalition
Healthy Businesses Need Healthy People
A fact sheet making the business case for paid sick days in New York City.
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bureau of Labor Statistics
National Compensation Survey
Provides comprehensive measures of occupational wages; employment cost trends, and benefit incidence and detailed plan provisions.
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Health Interview Survey
The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) has monitored the health of the nation since 1957. NHIS data on a broad range of health topics are collected through personal household interviews. Survey results have been instrumental in providing data to track health status, health care access, and progress toward achieving national health objectives.
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District of Columbia Department of Employment Services
Official Notice: Accrued Safe and Sick Leave Act of 2008
The official poster from the D.C. government for employers about D.C.'s paid sick days law.
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City & County of San Francisco
Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
Here you can find documents, forms, contact information and other related material on the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance (PSLO) provided by The Labor Standards Enforcement of San Francisco.
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us chamber of commerce
Sample Time Off Policies
Sample time off policies provided by the US Chamber of Commerce.  Please note that CLASP does not endorse the substance of these policies. 
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The Catholic University of America       
Summary of District of Columbia Laws
Compilation of materials regarding D.C.'s Accrued Safe and Sick Leave Act.
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nov 14, 2010  |  iowabiz
Produce "Presenteeism" to Decrease Absenteeism
Reference article on how "presenteeism", a term coined for people who come into the office when under the weather and are ofen less productive, has been found to be costing employers more than absenteeism.
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OCT  2010 | National Partnership for Women & Families
Taking Care of Business: The Business Benefits of Paid Leave
Businesses benefit when employees are able to take time away from work to cope with personal and familie illnesses. More satisified and productive workers translate into improved workplace morale, greater worker loyalty, and better bottom lines.
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OCT 04, 2010
Letter: High Cost of Paid Sick Leave Miscalculated
Letter written to  Christine C. Quinn on behalf of the Institute for Women's Policy Research in response to miscalculated data that overestimated the costs of paid sick days for employers.
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Sep 09, 2010
Profitable: Flexible Workplace for ALL Workers
This audio conference will give you a chance to hear about employers who operate differently and help all employees perform well; you'll also learn what happens when low wage workers are not given that chance. Listen online to the audio. Additional resources are also available.
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Sep 2010  |  Partnership for New York City
Impact of Paid Sick Leave of NYC Business
Controversial survey data that claimed costs for New York City businesses would be too high if paid sick days laws were implemented. Based on the findings in the survey and the EY analysis, the Partnership concludes that this is not the moment for New York City to proceed with a Paid Sick Leave mandate on private employers.
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Sep 2010  |  Drumm Major Institute
Paid Sick Leave Does Not Harm Unemployment
This report presents new data on employment in San Francisco and finds no evidence that job growth has been harmed by paid sick leave.
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Sep 2010  |  Restaurant Opportunities Centers United
Serving While Sick
This report will highlight the increased risk factors faced by restaurant workers and their low access to benefits. It will also outline restaurant workers' and employers' particular needs with regard to health insurance.
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Aug 31, 2010
How Women-Owned Businesses Can Support Paid Sick Days
40 percent of private-sector workers have no paid sick leave. We think you can help us change this fact.
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Aug 17, 2010  |  Andrea Lindemann
Mind Your Business: Three Steps to Recruiting Businesses to Support Paid Sick Days Legislation
Engaging businesses can be time intensive and often requires utilizing and developing personal relationships. It is worth it in the end, as businesses can support your work ad neutralize opposition. They can testify in favor of bills, write Op Eds and letters of support, speak to the media, and counter or neutralize business association opposition. Here are three simple steps to recruiting a business to support paid sick days.
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Jul 02, 2010
Paid Time Off is Taking Off
In this audio conference, we will discuss  the details and findings of World at Work's new study on Paid Time Off (PTO).  A growing trend among employers, PTO offers employees flexibility and eases administrative costs for employers. However, very little research has been done on the benefits and drawbacks of PTO. Stay on the cutting-edge by learning about this little-studied but increasingly used employee benefit.  World at Work's study is a critical tool to learn why employers who use this system value it and how PTO affects workers across different industries.
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Mar 2010   |   U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Paid Sick Leave in the United States
U.S. employers are not required by law to provide paid leave benefits for their employees, but many companies offer paid sick leave as part of a benefit package to attract and retain workers. This issue of Program Perspectives takes a closer look at paid sick leave benefits, including both the percentage of employees with access to paid sick leave benefits and employer costs for sick leave. Short-term disability plans are also discussed.
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Feb 2010   |   Paul Hastings
California Supreme Court Rules That Uncapped Sick Leave Policies Are Not Covered By California's "Kin Care" Law
A client alert from Paul Hastings. The California Supreme Court issued a significant ruling on the scope of California's "kin care" law, Labor Code § 233, which entitles employees in certain circumstances to use paid sick leave to care for ill family members.
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Jan 29, 2010   |  Lexer Quamie
Award-Winning Employers: State by State
CLASP has compiled a state-by-state listing of firms that have been recognized through national awards for their workplace policies.
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mar 2009  |  The Urban Institute 
Employers' Perspectives on San Francisco's Paid Sick Leave Policy
Report on a study that examined how the new San Francisco paid sick leave law affected 26 employers during the initial implementation period. The study focused on how the law affected their costs, staffing, and overall operations; whether it caused them to alter wages or other benefits provided, or the costs of their services or products; and whether it had noticeably affected employee retention or morale.
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Apr 2008  |  institute for women's policy research
Valuing Good Health in California: The Costs and Benefits of the Healthy Families, Healthy Workplaces Act of 2008
Report presents an estimate of how much time off workers would use in California under the proposed legislation and what the costs would be for employers for that sick time. It also employs findings from peer-reviewed research literature to estimate how this leave policy would save money, by reducing turnover, cutting down on the spread of disease at work, helping employers avoid paying for low productivity, holding down nursing-home stays, and reducing norovirus outbreaks in nursing homes.
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Nov 2006  |  Paul Hastings
New San Francisco Law Mandates Paid Sick Leave for Illnesses of Employees and Family Members
A client alert from Paul Hastings. Important components of the San Francisco paid sick days ordinance are described in this publication.
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