Teaism Wins First Ever D.C. Carrotmob

Nov 08, 2010

Teaism has won D.C.'s first ever Carrotmob. Carrotmobs have raised awareness around the world on many issues, but this is the first Carrotmob highlighting the importance of paid sick days.  A Carrotmob sees socially responsible businesses compete to make the biggest positive change, and then consumers "mob" the company with business as a reward.

For the past few weeks, consumers have voted for their favorite of six restaurants supporting paid sick days to "mob."  Hundreds voted and Teaism, with three locations throughout D.C., was named the winner this week.  Among its employee supports, Teaism offers five to seven paid days for sick leave, hourly wages higher than the minimum wage, cross-training and flexibility to its employees, and one week paid vacation for salaried employees.

These are just some of Teaism's employee-friendly practices. Learn more about some of their other policies

If you live or work in D.C., do good when you eat out this Saturday, November 13. Come out to the Penn Quarter Teaism at 10 a.m. and show your support for paid sick days.  You can sign up for updates on this campaign at the D.C. Carrotmob's website.


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