Advocacy Group Aims to Build Support for Socially Responsible Restaurants

Mar 30, 2010

By Andrea Lindemann and Sasha Hammad

Dining for Justice, a recent guide released by Young Workers United, aims to provide San Francisco residents with information about socially responsible restaurants that follow labor laws and treat their employees with dignity and respect.

The guide is based on the premise that good employment practices and good food go hand in hand.  Better working conditions mean less turnover, better service, more care in the preparation of food, a friendlier atmosphere and an overall superior dining experience.

"Employee-friendly work places deserve recognition, especially in this economic crisis where the fiscal impacts of the recession may tempt businesses to cut corners," said Jodie Levin-Epstein, deputy director of CLASP. "We agree with Young Workers United. Employers who offer their workers good job quality through fair wages, paid leave, reliable schedules and advancement opportunities should be recognized."

To determine which restaurants were eligible for inclusion in the guide, Young Workers United surveyed workers and employers in restaurants of different price ranges, neighborhoods and cuisines in San Francisco.  Young Workers United will make the guide widely available to local patrons as well as tourists so that they may be aware of the impact of their dining choices.  To find out more about the project and to access Dining for Justice, go to

Young Workers United is a multiracial membership organization dedicated to improving the quality of jobs for young and immigrant workers in the low-wage service sector.  They led the successful San Francisco paid sick days initiative to ensure that all workers in San Francisco can take the time off they need when they or a family member are ill. 

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