With the Presidential Primary Season Coming, Spotlight on Poverty Launches "Ask the Candidates" Feature

Mar 24, 2011

Spotlight on Poverty & Opportunity is kicking off the nascent presidential primary season with a new "Ask the Candidates" feature that gives readers the opportunity to suggest questions for moderators of the upcoming debates. 

The first presidential primary debates will set the stage for an almost two-year long discussion about the future of America leading up to the general election on November 6, 2012.

Scheduled for May 2 and co-hosted by John F. Harris of POLITICO and Brian Williams of NBC News, the first debate will introduce the Republican primary candidates to America and ask them to answer important questions about how to build a more prosperous country. This will be shortly followed by the second presidential primary debate on May 5, co-hosted by FOX News and the South Carolina Republican Party.

One topic that Spotlight believes should be included in this conversation is how the candidates plan to address poverty and opportunity for low-income Americans.

If you care about an issue related in any way to poverty - whether it's early childhood education, housing, health, jobs, postsecondary education, disconnected youth, disability, transportation, or anything else - Spotlight wants to know what question you think the candidates should answer.

Learn more about Spotlight's "Ask the Candidates" and how to submit a question >>

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