War on Poverty: From the Great Society to the Great Recession

Jun 18, 2010

In an effort to pool ideas on how to reduce poverty in the United States, American Public Media has partnered with Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity: the Source for News, Ideas and Action to launch Idea Generator. The Idea Generator allows individuals to share their own stories of trouble making ends meet and for those with direct experience as well as others to offer suggestions on how to help more people become financially stable.

American Radio Works will promote the Idea Generator in conjunction with its forthcoming documentary "War on Poverty: From the Great Society to the Great Recession."  This documentary will blend contemporary storytelling with rich archival audio to examine the modern face of poverty, and ask why President Johnson's "dream of a Great Society is still beyond reach."

Before the launch of this important effort, however, some good ideas are needed to get started. The Idea Generator will allow participants to not only post their own idea, but also to read, comment and vote on suggestions submitted by others.

Help get voices in your state or city into this national conversation bysubmitting your own ideas and letting organizations and individuals know about this effort. Collectively we can tackle poverty.

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