A Recap of CLASP's Live Tweet of the First 2012 Presidential Debate

Oct 05, 2012

Like the rest of the country, CLASP was closely following the first Presidential debate the other night. We were happy to see so much discussion of job training and getting the economy back on track. And then there were quips and misinformation - and omission of important topics all together - that made us not so happy. Because there are still two debates and a vice presidential debate left, here's a re-cap of the @CLASP_DC Twitter feed with our reactions to what got mentioned in the first debate - and what we're still waiting to see the candidates address in the remaining #debates.

The ‘Pre-Game Show'

No surprise that #Debate trending. 20 mins now!

Getting ready for the #debate. Make sure to follow #TalkPoverty! #p2

The @CLASP_DC war room is via Skype and in office - ready to go! pic.twitter.com/qA4LAylA

The debate started off with the economy, and candidates came out strong:

#Debate off to a good start: skills development and job training already mentioned... #TalkPoverty #wkdev #workers

How will workers get these skills if #Pell Grants and #workforce are cut? #Debate #TalkPoverty

Smart investments in #education and training can rebuild the American #workforce and create jobs #Debate #wkdev


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