Student Success Stories from Shifting Gears

May 04, 2011

\074p\076\074!--StartFragment--\076\074/p\076 \074p\076\074a href=""\076\074span\076Shifting Gears\074/span\076\074/a\076\074span\076\074span\076\046nbsp;\074/span\076\074/span\076\074span\076is an initiative\074span\076\046nbsp;\074/span\076to promote economic growth in the Midwest by improving the education and skills training of the workforce in five states \xe2\x80\x95 Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. These states are strengthening connections between education and training systems to make sure that low-skilled adults gain the education and skills they need to get a good job with the potential for career advancement. CLASP manages the initiative, which is supported by the Joyce Foundation.\074/span\076\074span\076\046nbsp;\074/span\076\074a href=""\076Read more\046nbsp;\046gt;\046gt;\074/a\076\074/p\076 \074p\076\074span\076The map links to testimonials from students and staff about how state programs developed under the Shifting Gears initiative have enabled adults to access postsecondary education, upgrade their skills, and obtain better family-sustaining jobs. To learn more about the policies that each state is pursuing under the initiative, visit the\074span\076\046nbsp;\074/span\076\074/span\076\074a href=""\076\074span\076Shifting Gears web site\074/span\076\074/a\076\074span\076.\074/span\076\074/p\076 \074!--EndFragment--\076 \074p\076\046nbsp;\074/p\076 \074div style="background: #3a79c1; margin-bottom: 20px;"\076 \074div id="flashcontent"\076\074strong\076You need to upgrade your Flash Player\074/strong\076\074/div\076 \074/div\076 \074p\076 \074script type="text/javascript"\076\074!-- \t\t// \074![CDATA[\t\t \t\tvar so = new SWFObject("", "ammap", "740", "540", "5", "#3A79C1"); so.addVariable("path", ""); \t\tso.addVariable("data_file", escape("")); so.addVariable("settings_file", escape(""));\t\t \t\tso.addVariable("preloader_color", "#000000"); so.addParam("wmode", "transparent"); \t\tso.write("flashcontent"); \t\t// ]]\076 // --\076\074/script\076 \074/p\076 \074!-- end of ammap script --\076\074!--\074/div\076 flashmap --\076
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