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90 Days Left! CLASP Welcomes Your Feedback on the Alliance for Quality Career Pathways Beta Framework

Oct 01, 2013

By Vickie Choitz and Manuela Ekowo

The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways, a two-year (2012-2014), state-driven CLASP initiative funded by the Joyce Foundation and James Irvine Foundation, is underway with its summer and fall review process.

The purpose of the Alliance is to develop: 1) a framework of criteria and indicators that define high-quality career pathway systems; and 2) a set of shared performance metrics for measuring and managing the success of these systems. The Alliance is comprised of the ten states leading the nation in developing and taking to scale career pathways; they have all volunteered to work together to develop the Alliance framework. These states are Arkansas, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

CLASP and the Alliance partners are collecting feedback on the Beta Framework until December 31, 2013; there are 90 days left to submit feedback on the criteria, indicators, and shared metrics to Our Alliance partners are in the process of reviewing the framework with key stakeholders, practitioners, and community leaders, as well as field-testing it in their states. This two-pronged process will provide critical assessment of the Beta Framework's overall design and integrity. CLASP and the Alliance partners will incorporate feedback and what we learn from the field-testing into a Version 1.0 of the framework, which will be released along with a self-assessment tool in spring 2014.

This past month, CLASP and the Alliance partners released an executive summary of the Beta Framework that provides a broad overview of criteria, indicators, and shared metrics.

The Alliance framework is intended to provide a common understanding of high-quality career pathway systems and programs. It balances a pragmatic understanding of current career pathway efforts with aspirations to move the field to the next level of development. State and local/regional partnerships adopting the career pathway approach-within and beyond the ten Alliance states-can use the framework to build and strengthen their career pathway systems. This will enable them to provide seamless career paths that transcend system disconnects and provide essential supports for youth and adults to build their skills, earn credentials of value, and obtain jobs and careers that support themselves and their families.

Our vision is to leverage the Alliance framework to promote continued growth and scaling of career pathways. It can be used to help existing career pathway systems ratchet up quality, help accelerate the development of new career pathway systems, and inform evaluation efforts of career pathway systems.

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