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Postsecondary education and credentials are key to economic mobility for individuals and economic competitiveness for our nation.  Yet too many low-income adults and disadvantaged youth are locked out of the opportunity to earn credentials and are falling further and further behind.  The Center for Postsecondary and Economic Success (C-PES) advocates for better policies, more investment, and increased political will to address this national challenge and increase the number of low-income adults and disadvantaged youth who earn postsecondary credentials that are essential to opening doors to good jobs, career advancement, and economic mobility.

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C-PES was developed with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, and the Ford Foundation.

To accomplish this, C-PES advocates for policies, investments, and political will at the federal, state and local levels that:

  • Align education, training and support systems—including youth development, adult education, workforce development, career and technical education, higher education, and human services/TANF–toward a shared goal of postsecondary and economic success for low-income adults and disadvantaged youth.

  • Seed and scale up new and more effective interventions so they become the new way of doing business across these education, training and support systems.

Download the C-PES infosheet.

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