Transitional Jobs Demonstration Announced

Jun 29, 2011

By Neil Ridley

Seven programs selected by the U.S. Department of Labor will use a total of $40 million in grant funding to test innovative transitional job strategies. Transitional job strategies provide individuals who face employment challenges with subsidized work, case management and support services designed to help them enter the workforce. The grant funding for this Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration was authorized in the FY 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act.

The seven programs listed below will serve nearly 3,500 low-income individuals with barriers to employment and are expected to participate in a rigorous, experimental evaluation:

  • The Center for Community Alternatives in New York will provide a mix of services, including parenting education and occupational training to non-custodial parents, including individuals who have been incarcerated.
  • The Doe Fund in New York will provide ex-offenders with occupational training and a sequence of services leading to paid internships with employers.
  • Goodwill of North Georgia will serve non-custodial parents by offering a range of services, including contextualized occupational training, work experience in Goodwill retail operations and temporary paid work experiences with private sector employers.
  • The City and County of San Francisco will offer non-custodial parents access to a three-tier system of transitional jobs with nonprofit, public and private for-profit employers.
  • The Tarrant County Workforce Development Board in Texas will provide non-custodial parents, including many individuals who have been incarcerated, with a battery of services, including temporary subsidized employment with private sector employers.
  • Workforce Inc. in Indiana will serve individuals who have been incarcerated by providing temporary job placements with social enterprises and offering financial incentives to participants who maintain employment.
  • YWCA of Greater Milwaukee will serve non-custodial parents by providing transitional job placements, earnings supplements and concurrent occupational training.

CLASP is a member of the National Transitional Jobs Network and has long advocated for comprehensive programs that address the needs of low-income individuals with barriers to employment and equip participants with the skills necessary to secure and maintain employment.

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