Did You Know?

Almost two-thirds of Americans who have been unemployed for 2 years or more have sold their possessions to help make ends meet

For Americans who have faced unemployment for more than 2 years, 60 percent have reported they have sold some of their possessions to make ends meet, 26 percent said they missed a mortgage or rent payment, 28 percent missed a credit card payment, 55 perce Learn More »

The American Jobs Act Would Potentially Funnel $5 Billion into the Pathways Back to Work Fund

The American Jobs Act, if enacted, would provide $5 billion under the Pathways Back to Work Fund, with $2 billion specifically available for subsidized employment programs. The American Jobs Act furthers a successful two-year program which was funded by Learn More »

Work sharing programs becoming popular among states

Currently, 22 states and the District of Columbia operate work sharing programs, which help companies avoid layoffs. The 22 states are: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Learn More »

Only 55.5 percent of women and 67.3 percent of men over age 20 are currently employed.

In September 2010, only 55.5 percent of women over age 20 were currently employed, which adds to the gradual increase, over time, of women who are employed. Men, however, have hit a record low of employment; 67.3 percent of men were employed in 2010. Learn More »

44 percent of people who are currently unemployed are long-term unemployed.

44 percent of people who are currently unemployed are long-term unemployed. Learn More »

Adult Males in the Workforce

Only 66% of men over 20 are currently employed. Learn More »

Low-Wage Workers in the U.S.

One in four workers-some 30 million people-work in jobs for which year-round, full-time work would not pay enough for a family of four to achieve self-sufficiency. Learn More »
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