Financing Reform

As a nation, we say we want to keep children safe, yet the bulk of federal investment in child welfare supports children only after maltreatment has occurred and they are removed from their homes.  The bulk of that funding supports room and board costs, not treatment services. Not surprisingly, far too many children are abused and neglected, and placed in foster care where they linger for long periods. We advocate for investments in a continuum of services that: (1) increase prevention and early intervention services that help keep children and families out of crisis; (2) increase specialized treatment services for children and families that  experience crisis; (3) increase services to support families after a crisis has stabilized (including birth families, as well as kinship and adoptive families created when parents are unable to care for their children); (4) enhance the quality of the workforce providing services to children and families; and (5) improve accountability  for dollars spent and outcomes achieved.  CLASP works to identify, develop and advocate for policies that lead to such investments.

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