Tracking Child Care ARRA Funds: January Update

Jan 20, 2010

jan 10Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) ARRA funds are available until September 30, 2010. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issues weekly reports tracking state outlays of ARRA funds. As of January 8, states, territories, and tribes have drawn down a total of $429.9 million in child care funds, or 22 percent of the $2 billion allocation.

Only four states have not yet reported drawing down any funds: Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia, which we count as a state. Ten states have drawn down over 50 percent of allocated dollars: Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, and Oregon. Please note that ARRA reporting of state outlays includes any tribal funds drawn down within the state.

Go to to track weekly financial reports for your state or check back here monthly as we update national and state-by-state spending. VIEW STATE OUTLAYS>> 

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