Senate Draft Omnibus Increases Funding for Child Care and Head Start

Dec 14, 2010

The Senate is at a crossroads. Right now, Senators are figuring out which strategy to use to pass the appropriations bill, which is responsible for funding our government, including early childhood programs. The Senate can either continue funding the government at current levels by adopting the House-passed CR (continuing resolution) or it can pass a new funding bill, called an omnibus appropriations bill.

The draft omnibus bill includes an additional $680 million for CCDBG and $840 million for Head Start. These amounts are more than the increases included in the House-passed CR. In addition, the draft Senate bill includes $300 million to create the Early Learning Challenge Fund at long last.

This week is our last chance to make sure the Senate does the right thing and stands up for funding for early childhood programs. Please call your Senators right now and ask them to vote in favor of the Omnibus and increases for child care and Head Start!

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