Oregon Uses ARRA Funds to Encourage Advanced Education for Child Care Providers

Sep 08, 2009

Child care providers with specialized training and higher education in early childhood education are more likely to provide high quality early care and education for young children than those without such preparation.  Yet low wages often lead highly qualified child care workers to seek employment in public schools or other fields.  Oregon is seizing the opportunity afforded by new ARRA funds and private investment to provide Education Awards to child care providers based on their achieving specific professional development Milestones on the Oregon Professional Development Registry.  Applicants may be awarded a bonus ranging from $100 to $500 depending on the level of Steps they have completed in the Registry. The state will build on this framework in the Fall by launching the Infant-Toddler Professional Credential and the Director Credential which recognize the importance of having specific knowledge and skills to work with very young children and families or manage a child care program. Oregon is making a smart choice of use of ARRA funds, and a smart choice to improve the quality of child care for young children.

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