New CLASP Factsheets on CCDBG Participation in 2010

May 02, 2012

CLASP has released three new factsheets to provide a snapshot of the 1.7 million children who received child care assistance through the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) in 2010.

CCDBG Participation in 2010 provides a range of information on the ages of children served, the settings that children were served in, the children's racial/ethnic backgrounds, and the reasons why families received CCDBG assistance.

Two other new factsheets, Infants and Toddlers in CCDBG: 2010 Update and School-Age Children in CCDGB: 2010 Update, highlight key information about younger and older groups of children receiving child care assistance through CCDBG. Nationally, 30 percent of children served by CCDBG in 2010 were under age 3, 37 percent were ages 3 to 5, and 33 percent were ages 6 to 13. However, in each state these percentages can vary widely-infants and toddlers made up one-third or more of all children served in CCDBG in 19 states. The percentage of school-age children served by CCDGB also varied across the states, ranging from 17 to 42 percent.

State-specific information on CCDBG participation is also available via CLASP's individual state Child Care Assistance Factsheets or by creating custom tables using CLASP's DataFinder tool.

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