Looking at State Child Care Subsidy Policy with Babies in Mind

Nov 04, 2009

CLASP announces the release of A Tool to Examine State Child Care Subsidy Policies and Promote Stable, Quality Care for Low-Income Babies and Toddlers. This tool provides a policy framework that lays out child care subsidy policies-ranging from simple to substantial changes-that can be implemented to better support babies and toddlers and their families. Users can download and save a copy of this tool, then fill in the appropriate columns with their state's current policies and opportunities for change. In addition, links are included to online resources and examples of state policy initiatives. Assistance in using this tool is available from CLASP. This tool is the first in a series that will be published to help states chart their own progress toward improving child care for babies and toddlers, as part of the Charting Progress for Babies in Child Care Project.

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