House, President Propose Budgets: Divergent Views on Early Childhood Funding

Feb 14, 2011

By Hannah Matthews and Danielle Ewen

House Proposes Significant Cuts For FY 2011

Over the weekend, the House of Representatives released proposed drastic spending cuts, totaling $100 billion, for the remainder of FY 2011. Among these proposed cuts:

  • A $39 million cut to the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG)
  • A $1.08 billion cut to Head Start (15 percent of current funding)
  • A $100 million cut to 21st Century Community Learning Centers and
  • Elimination of the Even Start program.

Last year, Congress failed to pass a budget, leaving a temporary spending provision in place until March 4. Congress must pass a FY 2011 budget by that time to avoid a government shutdown. The House will consider the proposed FY 2011 budget this week. The Senate has not yet released its budget proposal for FY 2011. CLASP will work with others to fight these harmful cuts that symbolize the old saying "pennywise and pound foolish."  While it is important to begin a serious conversation about the size of the debt and the deficit, we also need to understand the impacts of cuts on the economy, as well as on children and families. Research has shown that when children participate in Head Start, they are more likely to succeed in school, less likely to be held back or need special education services, and more likely to graduate and attend college. Yet the House proposal will prevent 218,000 children living in poverty from having these opportunities. Additional services for low-income families that support the healthy development of children are also at risk. Read more.

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