Early Childhood Policy Discussed in the Washington Post

Aug 31, 2010

An interview with CLASP's Danielle Ewen, director of child care and early education, concluded a week-long series in the Washington Post on child care and early education policy that featured leading experts in the policy, government and academic communities.

Danielle discussed Head Start, the Early Learning Challenge Fund and Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Here's an excerpt of her statement about the proposed Early Learning Challenge Fund:

"It acknowledges that we have a class disparity in our system where families can't afford to buy quality, it says the responsibility here is for the states to help build quality, to invest in quality, to get teachers better education and training and then salaries commensurate with that experience, to make sure the facilities children are in really meet their needs from a broad developmental perspective, which means that they have dress up areas, and lots of art materials, and multiple books for every child and lots of play space both indoors and outdoors so the children can run and grow and play and laugh."

The series also featured interviews with:

  • Edward Zigler, one of the founders of Head Start
  • James Heckman, whose recent work has focused on the economic gains to funding early childhood education
  • Raj Chetty, a professor of economics at Harvard University
  • Sara Mead, a senior associate partner at Bellwether Education Partners who specializes in early childhood education issues
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