Adult Education and Family Literacy Week is September 12 \xe2\x80" 18!

Sep 09, 2011

By Marcie Foster

Economists predict that nearly two-thirds of jobs in 2018 will require a postsecondary education, yet research shows that at least 90 million adults have low basic skills and may be unprepared for these higher-skilled jobs. Despite the need for skill upgrading and re-training, federal adult education funds provide services for only 2.1 million adults each year and state revenue crises combined with flat federal funding under the federal Adult Education and Family Literacy Act prevents state and local programs from serving students who need further education.

To highlight the importance of adult education programs, CLASP and other national organizations are participating in the third annual National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. Throughout the week, we will feature programs across the country that help low-skilled adults prepare for postsecondary education, career advancement, and employment in a family-sustaining career.

Though budget challenges persist, states and local providers are finding new ways to infuse innovation into adult education.  Two recent CLASP publications highlight innovative adult education models that help prepare students for postsecondary and career success:

Adult Education and Family Literacy Week is an opportunity to share the successes of adult learners and celebrate innovation in serving adult students.

Find out what you can do to help promote adult education and programs that help low-skilled adults reach their full potential. >>


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