Industry-Specific Training Programs can Help Workers Obtain Employment, Save Businesses Money

Programs that provide training to unemployed or underemployed workers on a specific skill set within a specific industry are successful at getting people into jobs and boosting their earnings. Study findings show that participants in three industry-specific programs  that connect participants with employers earned about $4,500, or 18 percent, more than the control group over the course of the two-year study period and $4,000, or 29 percent, more in the second year alone. Participants across all analyzed subgroups were also more likely to find employment and receive benefits. In a separate evaluation, one hospital alone documented $40,000 in savings as a result of the lower turnover and hiring costs associated with industry-specific programs.


Sources: Sheila Maguire, Joshua Freely, Carol Clymer, Maureen Conway, and Deena Schwartz,Tuning In to Local Labor Markets: Findings from The Sectoral Employment Impact Study, Public/Private Ventures, 2010.

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