Postsecondary Access and Success

CLASP actively comments on federal regulations and guidance regarding programs that affect postsecondary access and success and provides analyses and summaries for state policy makers and advocates.

Postsecondary Education and Training for Dislocated Workers

In June 2009, the departments of Education and Labor issued guidance to promote access to postsecondary education and training for dislocated workers. The DOL guidance encourages state labor and employment agencies to: (1) broaden their definition of approved training for Unemployment Insurance beneficiaries during economic downturns; (2) notify beneficiaries of their potential eligibility for Pell Grants and other student aid; and (3) help individuals apply for Pell Grants through One-Stop Career Centers.  In addition, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan sent a letter to financial aid administrators encouraging them to expand their use of "professional judgment" to ensure dislocated workers receive the financial aid they deserve given their change in earnings.  Professional judgment is the flexibility administrators have to adjust data they receive from applicants to account for special circumstances or changes in their situations. Financial aid administrators can use the letter dislocated workers receive from DOL notifying them of their potential eligibility for student aid as proof that their financial aid should be adjusted to reflect their current employment situation. In addition, financial aid administrators were notified that unemployment benefits and income from dislocated workers' prior employment should be not included in financial aid determinations.

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