Indiana: Providing Information and Training to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Providers and Caregivers

Aug 03, 2009

The Indiana Association for Child Care Resource and Referral (IACCRR) plays a key role in addressing the cultural and linguistic needs of providers. IACCRR\'s contract with the state requires that it provide technical assistance and support to local CCR&Rs, including helping them with Latino/Hispanic outreach services. Spanish has been identified by the state as the most prevalent language spoken among providers at this point. However, IACCRR and the local CCR&Rs maintain a statewide database that collects information on 18 different languages spoken by providers and families throughout Indiana. The database is used to record, evaluate, and report on the availability and need for child care in the state. For Spanish-speaking providers, IACCRR coordinates a variety of supports and services, such as: 

  • Establishing a Spanish outreach coordinator: IACCRR has a Spanish Outreach Program Director that specifically addresses the needs of Spanish-speaking providers and families.
  • Translating materials and information into Spanish: IACCRR has translated information on the state\'s quality rating system, Paths to Quality, into Spanish. Families and communities also have access to this Spanish translation. IACCRR and local CCR&Rs have also translated materials for Spanish-speaking licensed and legally exempt providers. These materials include business forms (examples: child registration, emergency contact, medical consent, daily schedules templates, discipline policy example) and educational information developed by the state and national organizations (topic examples: caring for infants/toddlers and children with special needs, developing a child care business, preventing child abuse and neglect, first aid and CPR, safe sleep practices). In addition, IACCRR has a Spanish version of its website, which is designed to serve families, providers, and communities.
  • Providing orientation training in Spanish: As part of the process for becoming a licensed or registered provider, applicants (child care centers, family care homes, and faith-based child care) are required to participate in orientation training that explains the start-up process and other related information. Providers wishing to become licensed are required to take additional orientation training that prepares them for licensure. Both of these trainings are available in Spanish.
  • Providing safety training in Spanish: In 2006, Indiana enacted legislation that requires both licensed and legally license-exempt providers receiving subsidy dollars to participate in a state-approved "Safe Sleep" training. Training on Safe Sleeping Practices as well as CPR/First Aid are available in Spanish.
  • Offering assistance to local R&Rs: IACCRR provides support and technical assistance to local CCR&R\'s, which includes Latino/Hispanic outreach and infant/toddler care.


Indiana also offers several professional development opportunities that address the cultural and linguistic needs of providers and the families that they serve. These opportunities include: 


State Contact Information:

Melanie Brizzi, Child Care Administrator
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration
(317) 234-3313


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