Charting Progress for Babies in Childcare

Promote Access to Comprehensive Services

Policy ideas

What policies can states use to move toward this recommendation?

To move toward this recommendation, states may use multiple policy levers, starting from different points. Potential state policies include:




Quality Enhancement

Deliver components of comprehensive services in child care settings:

Improve child care provider and caregiver understanding of the comprehensive service needs of babies and their families:

Coordinate state systems to connect elements of comprehensive services with child care:


Related Project Recommendations

1. This policy is a benchmark from the National Association of Childcare Resource and Referral Agencies, We Can Do Better: NACCRRA's Ranking of State Child Care Center Standards and Oversight, 2006,
2. See A Vision for the Reauthorization of Child Care,, 2008, and NACCRRA, We Can Do Better.

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