David J. Socolow

Director, Center for Postsecondary and Economic Success

David Socolow
 is director of the Center for Postsecondary and Economic Success at CLASP. He focuses on state and federal policies that increase access to and success in workforce development, career pathways, and postsecondary education for low-income, lower-skilled adults. Mr. Socolow analyzes and advocates for federal and state workforce and postsecondary education policies that increase the number of low-income adults and disadvantaged youth who earn postsecondary credentials that are essential to opening doors to good jobs, career advancement, and economic mobility.

Previously, Mr. Socolow served as commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Labor; as director of New Jersey’s Unemployment Insurance Division; and as senior advisor to the deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor. Mr. Socolow also served as vice president of Corporate Affairs at Pinnacle Foods Inc.; as chief of staff to a Member of Congress; and as legislative representative at the AFL-CIO. He has an undergraduate degree in social studies from Harvard University and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University.

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