Workforce/Postsecondary Education Team Director

About CLASP and the Workforce/Postsecondary Education Team

CLASP develops and advocates for policies at the federal, state and local levels that improve the lives of low-income people. We focus on policies that strengthen families and create pathways to education and work; our policy areas include workforce development and postsecondary education; child care and early education; income and work supports; youth development (including disconnected youth, youth of color); comprehensive anti-poverty agendas; and job quality. Through careful analysis and effective advocacy, CLASP works at the federal, state, and local levels to develop and promote new ideas, inform public debate, mobilize others, and provide high quality technical assistance that helps governments and advocates put in place successful strategies to deliver results that matter.  We are nonpartisan and situated at the intersection of local practice, national research, and state and federal policy, and striving to translate each world to each other. 

Our Workforce and Postsecondary Education Team has a long history of advocacy, policy development, and technical assistance to promote our anti-poverty goals in the workforce development arena. In 2010, we launched CLASP’s Center for Postsecondary and Economic Success (C-PES) to complement our long-standing commitment to workforce development and basic skills development for lower-skilled, low-income adults and youth with an emerging focus on postsecondary access and success. This team plays an important and unique role in these fields by articulating and advising on improving the intersections and alignment between postsecondary education, workforce, adult education, public benefits, and employment. Additionally, our federal, state, and local/institutional work is mutually reinforcing. Our federal policy work is informed by the expertise we develop through technical assistance to states and local areas/institutions on implementation of innovative policy and practice. Equally, our ability to provide that technical assistance is enhanced by our in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of federal policy.

Position Summary

Our ideal candidate brings significant leadership experience and a broad knowledge of the policy areas covered by the Workforce and Postsecondary Education Team (team of eight). S/he is a recognized expert in one or more of these fields. The successful candidate will have the ability to strategically leverage a diverse team of experts in workforce and postsecondary education as well as creatively partner with experts in public benefits, youth and early childhood programs, and job quality from other CLASP teams.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Strategic Leadership and Vision: Develop, articulate, and execute a strategic vision for the Workforce and Postsecondary Education team in a dynamic policy and budget environment.
  • Knowledgeable Conductor of a Diverse Team: Leverage the expertise and deep knowledge base of a team of experts in workforce, adult education, postsecondary education, and benefits access at the federal and state levels; also continue to forge connections between this team and others at CLASP working on other public benefits and job quality issues.
  • Strategic Communications: Continue to strengthen CLASP’s role as a strong voice for lower-skilled and low-income adults and youth in workforce and postsecondary policy areas; strengthen our ability to effectively frame and message the importance and how to achieve better system alignment within and across multiple policy and practice fronts.
  • Fundraising and Funder Relations: Lead the team’s fundraising efforts and effectively engage with funders.
  • Respected Voice Informing Policy-Makers and Advocates:  Build on CLASP’s strong credibility with federal and state officials, decision-makers, and advocates, identifying practical opportunities to move forward an agenda for low-income people.
  • CLASP-Wide Leadership and Collaboration:  Participate with colleagues who lead CLASP’s other policy areas in strategic thinking about the opportunities and risks for low-income people, in setting priorities for CLASP’s work as a whole, and in creating an organization-wide atmosphere that supports CLASP’s values of diversity and effectiveness.

Ideal Qualifications

  • Experience in a senior leadership position with a proven ability to develop, articulate, and execute a vision and lead a staff of policy experts in workforce, postsecondary education, adult education, and public benefits.
  • Leadership experience and a deep understanding of policy and practice gained, for example, through experience at different levels of government and, ideally, in different sectors.
  • Proven ability to identify and develop innovative policies and/or practices; creative; entrepreneurial.
  • Strong project management skills; demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple initiatives from multiple funders within the fields of workforce, adult education, postsecondary education, and, to an extent, public benefits.
  • Demonstrated success in fundraising, as well as developing and managing relationships with funders.
  • Successful record of initiating and cultivating relationships with partners; proven ability to collaborate.
  • Demonstrated commitment to low-income people and low-skilled workers and to CLASP's vision, mission, and values.
  • Demonstrated commitment to low-income people who face additional barriers as a result of race and ethnicity, including youth and adults of color, and immigrants.

Salary is commensurate with experience. CLASP offers exceptional benefits, including health insurance; dental insurance; life and long-term disability insurance; long-term care insurance; a 403(b) retirement program; flexible spending accounts; and generous vacation, sick leave, and holiday schedules.

Please send a cover letter and resume to: (NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE).

CLASP is an equal opportunity employer. Minorities and women are particularly encouraged to apply. Resumes will be accepted until position is filled.  

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